Sabor Latino is a Spanish hip hop artist who recently came out with an album titled ‘Observations of my life vol1. As sabor Latino was growing up in the the south of Jamaica queens in New York City he became interested in music at the age of 12. During this time in junior high school and high school Sabor Latino began writing poems of what he saw on a daily basis. He wrote poems about life struggles education and emotions. As he started to show his poems to family teachers and friends the reaction Sabor Latino received only gave him more motivation to continue writing poems as he started to realize that powerful words help in motivating individuals.
In high school Sabor Latino enjoyed playing basketball but began to take music more serious and eventually though of putting out an album. He first decided to go to college to become a better writer and over all student. After going to college and graduating with a bachelors degree in education/ psychology Sabor Latino started to work as a social worker for a foster care agency in south Jamaica queens.After working there for a few years and experiencing so many situations that our youth go through on a daily basis like poverty rejection and lack of leadership only motivated Sabor Latino more to finally figure out a way to come out with an album that can help not only the youth parents and teachers but everyone one else that needs motivation leader ship and direction in life. 
After putting together his album “Observations of my life vol1” which consists of eight songs and two beautiful poems intro and outro Sabor Latino went to JamBox Entertainment in Manhattan to finally record his album. Once he recorded the album with engineer R.e.a.p he let the legend Lee Evans who has been in the music industry for over twenty years masters his cd. After the project was finally recorded and mastered Sabor Latino allowed cdbaby to distribute his album worldwide. In February 28 2013 Sabor Latino was introduced to the world as his first album was released. Currently Sabor Latino is finishing up writing two more volumes Observations of my life vol2 and vol3. In addition Sabor Latino is working on finishing up his Masters degree in Education/recreation and is also writing his own book ‘Sabor Latino my life’ which he plans to put out in the near future. 
Sabor Latino is ready to make change not only to his community but to the whole world as well. To all the hip hop fans be ready because Sabor Latino is finally here.

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